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dierama | fairy's fishing rods

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Posted by EDITOR 4 Jan 2011 - 12:06:00 PM

Dierama needs a bit of space to show just how elegant it is. Upright, then arching evergreen leaves fill into contemporary, grass-like clumps. Arcs of fine, wiry stems are weighed down by summer bell flowers that dangle and dance in a breeze. Placed on a slope or a bank by a pool – though avoiding permanently boggy soil – the various common names of fairy's or angel’s fishing rods or wands become obvious.
Several species and cultivars are available with the main differences being their size and flower colour – mostly ranging from salmon and purple-pinks to light pink and white.
Unlike so many cultivated plants from South Africa, they do best spoilt with moist, fertile garden beds – well-watered in the growing season.
Dead leaves can occasionally be combed out to keep a clump well-groomed. Large clumps can be divided if flowering starts to decline but the corms and their delicate roots are slow to re-establish so flowers are unlikely for another season or two after re-planting.

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